Freedmen Institute of Transitional Education

Freedman LogoThe Freedmen Institute of Transitional Education (FITE) is an accelerated individualized learning program designed to assist students with “moving in, moving through and moving out” of life’s transitions. FITE’s curriculum focuses on skills and capabilities that will serve learners at work, in college, and in life. Our program addresses the essential basic and secondary math, communication, and critical thinking skills needed for success. Embedded within our instruction are literacy skills in comprehension, analysis, application, and synthesis. Students will also learn support skills to help acquire new knowledge and abilities


Rocklin Learning Center

Rocklin LogoRocklin Learning Center Malaysia offers PreK-12th Grade education as a church-based homeschool learning center. We support Homeschool families with individual classes, sports and P.E., ESL, student records, official transcripts, grade assessment, and even a HS diploma. We can provide an accredited umbrella school for students who wish to attend university.


Calvary Christian Academy

The mission of Calvary Christian Academy is to exalt Jesus Christ by preparing young minds and hearts with a challenging and innovative academic program founded in Biblical truths, in order to form Christ-minded individuals that will serve and contribute to their community and society for Christ.

The Potter's School

TPS LogoTPS provides fully interactive online core and elective classes for grades 4-12 students worldwide. Live classes feature audio, chat, interactive presentations and a shared whiteboard for all participants. TPS teachers provide frequent timely individual feedback for evaluation and improvement. Students and parents can view class messages, track assignments, submit work, and view grades and feedback through a single interface enabling management for all enrolled courses. Upon completion TPS provides homeschool grade reports with accredited transcripts available upon request from NARHS.

Contact Ashley-Rose Dickey

Sky Valley Education Center

Family should register with NARHS and contact Sky Valley about intention to graduate through NARHS. Please indicate on the registration form that the student is a Sky Valley student.

Homeschool Spanish Academy

HSA LogoHomeschool Spanish Academy was founded by Ron Fortin, who, after quitting his IT consulting job, accepted a new job in Guatemala as the principal of a school for impoverished kids. During his time in Guatemala - while running his school during the day - he saw an opportunity to provide high quality native speaking Spanish instruction to friends and relatives with homeschool students and decided to pursue this venture. A big believer in stewardship, Ron continues to help impoverished children, their families, and local communities in Guatemala.

Families should register with NARHS.  Please fill out a Curriculum Design Worksheet and list "Homeschool Spanish Academy" as the source for the course(s).  Use the "A La Carte" menu item for tution payment.

New Land Academy

NLA LogoNew Land Academy is committed to providing education that lifts layers of oppression in order to enable students to walk freely rooted in who they are, what they are passionate about, why they exist, and where they are going.

To register, please contact Misty Ellis for registration procedures.

2515 N.W. 16th  Street
Oklahoma City, OK 73107
Tel: 405.306.2224

TIDE Academy

TIDE LogoTIDE Academy (an acronym for Total Immersion through a Dynamic Education), is, according to their website, "An alternative school for families with non-traditional lives."  TIDE strives to provide a one-on-one personalized education for each student, provide a flexible education adapted to each student, and promote learning outside the classroom.

Contact Chelsea Lisaius for registration procedures.

Contact page:

American Institute

The American Institute of the Gifted and Talented is a Spanish-language school in Pachuca de Soto, Hidalgo, Mexico, about 90 km northeast of Mexico City  The American Institute is dedicated to helping gifted and talented students reach the highest levels of academic, social, and creative achievement possible.

For registration, contact Windi T. Fama

Contact: Windi T. Fama

School Address:
Calle Fuerza Aérea S/N,
con Esq. Emilio Carranza
Colonia Carlos Rovirosa
Pachuca de Soto, Hgo. CP 42082

Administrative office
Maddso Learning Systems S.C.
Parque Hidalgo No. 130
Colonia Centro
Pachuca de Soto, Hgo CP 42000
(771) 710-7856