Middle School/High School Hands-on Art

This year students will explore art movements from the mid 1800’s to art being created today in the 21st Century. The class will be digging into war times and how artists and their art were influenced by such tragic events in these times. Students will also learn how art influenced these times as well. As with all Mrs. Bertsch’s previous art classes, students will spend the first quarter learning the basic techniques of drawing; these skills will be important for the rest of the year. (Please note that even if you have taken Mrs. Bertsch’s classes before, she strives to have new projects each year to keep students engaged and improving their skills). In the 2nd quarter students will do more 3-dimensional projects, working with clay and creating upcycled junk art projects. Third quarter students will begin painting with watercolors and dry pastels, and the last quarter is dedicated to painting.

Rachel Lucas-Bertsche
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