A note from our Business Manager, Jim Paine….

A note from our Business Manager, Jim Paine….


The past few months have been pretty crazy as experts have learned more about Covid 19, how it spreads, who is most likely to suffer from being infected and a whole other host of ramifications. The board of our parent non-profit company, Custom Education Designs, appointed a Health & Safety Task Force to explore how HomeLink should respond to the threat. That group included Dr. Paul Emmans, Ann Bowman, Sandie McLean, Silvia Johnson and myself. 


The following statement from the task force was approved by the CED Board: 


Dear Homelink Parent/Educator. 

We are writing to provide you with an update regarding the upcoming school year.  It is our hope and our plan to begin the fall semester with live, on campus classes. However, we must be in compliance with the state COVID guidelines and balance the safety of our students with our efforts to provide the highest quality education. To this end, we have convened a task force to closely monitor the CDC and state guidelines as the summer progresses. We have asked all of our advisors to provide a parallel track in their lesson plans in the event that we are unable to have live classes, or in the event that we have to undertake logistical alterations to comply with social distancing etc.  As our county progresses through the stages of re-opening we will update our plans accordingly for the school year. If you have questions or concerns please feel free to contact us.  If you are planning to enroll your students for this upcoming school year it would be very helpful for our planning efforts if you would please register at your earliest convenience so that we will have some idea of the number of students we can expect this year. Thank-you for your ongoing commitment to homeschool education and to HomeLink.  


Again, it is our intention to do everything possible to make in-class learning a reality as soon as we can, hopefully on schedule for the new school year. We count it a privilege to serve you and your students and love what we do.