Issue 52 | May 9, 2013 | Atlantic/Pacific Program

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Why the absence of newsletters lately? During this season of the year, very few portfolios are arriving at this office. Studying portfolios gives a glimpse into your lives and helps us find interesting students to interview. in return, the newsletters give us all a sense of community as we become acquainted with one another. Once the portfolios begin to arrive again, we'll find more of those stories that enrich our understanding of homeschool's width and depth. 
Maybe your story is next?
In this issue, we're thrilled to introduce (or remind you about) the Atlantic Pacific program!
INSIDE NARHS: Atlantic Pacific Guidelines
Atlantic Pacific Program

Would you like your home-based student to enjoy the benefits of graduating from a state-recognized school with a regionally accredited transcript?

Then we have the program for you!


The Atlantic-Pacific program is offered to you through the partnership of North Atlantic Regional High School and Customized Education Designs.  To qualify for regional accreditation, higher standards are required.  But simply stated, here are the basic guidelines:

  1. Register with both NARHS and with CED  (download the separate registrations forms from the webpages  and - these are both available at in the Atlantic/Pacific information).
  2. The program only costs $50 more than the standard NARHS rate of $495. (CED registration is $50)
  3. Your advisor will guide you through the steps established for the A-P program:
    • 20 credits minimum
    • a specific number of text credits
    • and 120 hours invested in self-designed courses. 


For more detailed information, please click on this link.  Or if you would like to discuss this option, please call our office.  800-882-2828  (Pacific time)


Timeline for Portfolio and Transcript Processing


With portfolio "season" almost here, we thought you could benefit from a suggested timeline to consider.

There are 700 students approximately who will be sending their portfolios to us.  Most of them will arrive in August and September, so obviously the turn around time then will take longer.

If your portfolio arrives in early June, expect the transcript to arrive at your house within three weeks  (if the portfolio review goes smoothly).

If your portfolio arrives in late June or any time in July, expect the transcript to arrive back at your house in 4 weeks. 

For portfolios arriving during the busy months, the transcripts could take up to 5 weeks for arrival. 

The processing of senior portfolios and transcripts is considered a priority because many of them have college deadlines.

If you need speedier service, please consider sending your portfolio in June.


August 31, 2013 The school year ends

October 31, 2013 All portfolios arriving after this date will be charged a late fee of $25. 


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